15 piece Fine Paintbrushes for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil – Includes Deluxe Carry-Case

Amateur and professional painters alike will appreciate the quality and versatility of this Virtuoso 15-Piece Miniature Paint Brushes Set.




Those of us who enjoy artistic paint projects defined by lots of careful detailing know the joy of a completed project with crisp lines and eye-popping features. We’ve also known the frustration produced by shedding paint brushes that trail stray paint across our masterpiece. And there’s the ache in your hand forced to grip a brush handle that is just too thin. The Virtuoso Premium Detail Mini Paint Brush Set offers the solution. Our sturdy double-crimped ferrules and precision bristle points are topped with chunky handles featuring an ergonomically correct design for hours of painting enjoyment. THESE BRUSHES HANDLE THE SMALL STUFF! Virtuoso mini paint brushes are perfect for working in small scale! Whether you enjoy expressing yourself through watercolors, tiny works of art on canvas or building intricate doll houses, Virtuoso paint brushes will add to the experience. They work great as acrylic paint brushes, oil painting brushes and are among the very best watercolor brushes. If painting model ships and airplanes causes your spirits to soar, a set of Virtuoso artist brushes is certain to elevate your experience. These small paint brushes are perfect for painting army figures, as well as Wargaming and Warhammer 40K pieces. Virtuoso’s faux hair bristles make these brushes ideal for working with enamel. LET THE FUN BEGIN! Children and adults alike will love the beautiful face painting and nail art you can do with a Virtuoso Premium Detail Mini Paint Brush Set. Add fine details you could never manage before!


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